Project Description

Phil Keane

Mixed Media

Four years ago I picked up my pens and pencils after a 40+ year break.

The usual stuff occupied my time as well as the unusual stuff.

I was working for the man, living, traveling, raising 2 great daughters, and enjoying 4 very cool


I had no plans for returning to pursuing my art, but it came back to me unexpectedly a few years

ago. Just in time…

I’ve been working at developing multi-dimensional drawings by hand.

Creating 3D drawings on illustration board and using recycled, refurbished shadow boxes. I

purchase these in local thrift shops.

My drawings of buildings stems from my early life in New York, especially Hell’s Kitchen where I

was born. I have always loved the rundown old tenements and brownstone facades in the

neighborhood as well as the old street culture.

Adding bright colors to these buildings is like putting lipstick on a pig.

I hope





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