Project Description

Kinsey Conner

Mixed Media

I think art that comes from an impulsive place is raw. When you can go within, and intuitively move- that’s where the juice is. What we’re really doing with art is a sort of dream weaving- extracting notions from the subconscious and weaving them in the tangible realm.


What’s interesting when I look at my own art is that I see healing, and configuring. When I let myself be enough-my brain flips to garbage disposal mode, then outputs concepts in varied and strange ways. When I interpret the meaning of these concepts- I see a depth I can’t access in the pedestrian world. Either that or maybe I pick up on maddening humor where I feel like nothing more than a monkey flinging poop at a wall. By allowing myself to unravel with no filter, I become completely vulnerable while outwardly nonsensical.


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