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Diana Grant


 Diana Grant

Abstract Paintings

Diana likes Abstract Painting because there are no rules. She can paint one thin layer or layer

upon layer or just let the canvas show through. She may leave something you can see

underneath and wonder about.

She uses palette knifes and brushes and works on different textures in different areas of the

painting. She does not try to create a narrative for each painting. The title may give a clue but

the viewer decides.

She may paint densely and then go back and open up the whole canvas, leaving areas of

density and thickness or painting over other areas.

She may paint very thinly, like watercolor using the same concept. She likes using contrasting

colors in certain areas that hopefully add energy.

The use of line is important to develop the movement in the painting; the lines may be thick,

thin, dark or light, smudgy or precise.

She usually paints for 2-3 hours every morning, and may go back to do more in the afternoon





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