Project Description

Zachary McRae

Oil on Canvas


I have always been compelled to make art. When I was younger, I expressed myself creatively mostly through writing and drawing, as well as through skateboarding. At some point I started painting, as well as making films and music.

I did not go to an art school, but I did attend the University of Northern Colorado where I earned a B.A. in Anthropology, and also took the opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan for the duration of 2014.

It was while in Japan that I had an accident, which resulted in my losing consciousness, and waking up to a broken nose and much pain and anguish.

I still have PTSD from having broken my nose in Japan in 2014, but ever since I woke up from the accident, I have lived with a reinvigorated spirit determined to use my life energy as wisely as I can.

For me, this has meant doing a lot of painting. Please visit my website at




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